Conveners: Sunčica Bosak, Nikola Koletić

Check the application videos of young scientists (Bachelor/Master/Ph.D. students) of their algae-related research for EPC7 Flash Talks!!

1. Florian Douay
"Algologist Eye 007"
"Characterization of the response of macroalgae to stress in the intertidal zone: impact on species distribution and production yields"

2. Jana Pilátová
"The iron woman"
"Biogeochemical cycles of iron in the marine microalgae"

3. Chan Young Hong
"Light regulated cytoplasmic streaming in coenocytic green alga Bryopsis plumosa"

4. Bertille Burgunter-Delamare
"Because together - we are not alone"

5. Jihye Park
"Priming of resistance - Pyropia"

The session was held on Tuesday 27th August 2019.

To enlist for the „speed talk“ the participants submitted a record of a short video (2 minutes max.) where they pitched their idea (in English) and a short description of their presentation. The video was posted on YouTube and we selected 5 applicants and you can see their videos following the links in the list above.

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