Full day excursion (€ 80, 00 / € 100, 00)

Congress Excursion will take participants north of Zagreb, to picturesque Zagorje region known for beautiful green landscapes, castles, preserved countryside, old mansions and the unique Krapina Neanderthal Museum located near the world famous site of the Krapina Neanderthals „Husnjakovo“ – which is our first stop. The tour follows through breath-taking landscapes towards the Veliki Tabor Castle – a unique fortress in northern Croatia, sitting on a hilltop and providing a spectacular view on the region. After tour of the castle, a lunch of local delicacies will be served on the neighbouring hill in a Gresna Gorica Cottage, located amidst forest and vineyards hiding a legend of the tragic and forbidden love between the nobleman Friedrich and the beautiful peasant girl Veronica. The tour, then, takes you towards next stop – a small village of Kumrovec to experience the traditional, old way of life in the The Old Village Museum including a house where late Yugoslav president Tito was born. After sightseeing, the tour departs back to Zagreb.

Half day excursion (€ 50, 00 / € 60, 00)

Congress Excursion will offer participants guided tour of the Botanical Garden in Zagreb together with a visit to a brewery “Zmajska pivovara“.
Zmajska pivovara (Dragon Brewery) opens its doors to beer enthusiasts who will, during a 90-minute tour of our brewery, learn how innovative and tasty beers are made, according to our dragonly recipes. After the tour, the visitors will get to taste 4 different Zmajska beers from tap at our Taproom. We have envisioned it as a beer oasis where both beers from our core range and our special seasonal beers, always highly and impetiently anticipated, along with special beers from other craft breweries. Along with the special joy of „drinking from the source“ brought by our 8 permanent taps, the taproom also carries the pleasant atmosphere of a club for lovers of good beer – enthusiasts & experts who will always gladly visit it to relax with a homebrewing magazine, share some craft beer news or explain all the rich variety of craft beer styles to some craft beer „newbie“. Apart from draft beer and beer in bottles, which can also be bought to go, you can also find Zmajska t-shirts, hoodies and other assorted brewery paraphernalia, perfect mementos for the end of this exciting craft beer adventure.

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